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A reaction to someone telling a story with the intent to be funny, amazing, or something of good quality, but the out come is something that is none of those things, usually ending in silence. The bad story bin is created much like performing the heimlich maneuver in which the fists are locked and the arms are held forward, creating a circle. At the time the story is complete, is deemed a bad story, and the bin is created, you then prompt the person to put an imaginary ball into the bin, which represents the story. In the case they don't place the bad story in the bin, you ignore them until they agree to comply.
Doug: 'Haha, I got a great story, I went to Speedway and got a slushie for like, under a dollar.'
Dan: 'Uh.. k? They always have had cheap slushies, damnit, bad story bin.'
by Trust June 19, 2006
A word translated into 1337speak.

Most commonly used as a congratulation to someone whom is doing extremely well in a game, usually by the opposition.
<n00b> OMG J00 R TEH H4X
<whee> Thanks.
by trust April 25, 2004
The making of a small explosive with shrapnel, made by taking a small, depleted CO2 cartridge, widening the neck opening with a nail and filling it with black powder while tapping it LIGHTLY. A green fuse is then placed into the neck. If constructed correctly, it can have an explosion the size of an M80 or bigger, with shrapnel.
You man, we couldn't find any M80s for old lady Pfifers mailbox, so we made some cartridge bombs!
by Trust February 23, 2005
A short form of Machinae Supremacy (Band)
Woo! I got some new MaSu songs!
by Trust November 26, 2004
An Open Source IRC client, with several plugin interfaces. In several ways, superior to mIRC.

Arguably, helps break the Microsoft monopoly.
<teh_man325> D00d, you write mIRC scripts?
<trust> No.
<teh_man325> Wtf? You said you were a l33t programmer! I own j00!
<trust> a) I said 'reasonable', not l33t.
<trust> b) mIRC is shit. get a decent IRC client.
by trust April 25, 2004
1.A gay black male.

2.Also used to insult black males.
1.See that bitch over there? He a Packin Nigga!

2.Fuck that dumb packin nigga
by trust January 07, 2004
1.A team that will never win a championship.

2.A team that can barely win a game period.
by Trust August 27, 2003

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