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5 definitions by Laquita

a girl ( west indian)
Look ah de gyal Dem sexy
Look at all the girls they are sexy
by Laquita December 28, 2004
Dirty ( westindies )
Bun Yuh Dutty Skunt Bredren
Go Fuck yourself you dirty bitch
by Laquita December 28, 2004
Gettin' on somebody nerves, or being joe.
"Hey yo y you gotta be drawin' like that?!"

"Stop playin' Alicia, you drawin' fo' real!"
by Laquita October 19, 2003
A dirty nasty looking girl that hang in the hood always around a group of dudes. Showing her ass looking stupid that would do anything for attention.
Man if I was you I wouldn't talk to that girl she ain't nothing but a hood hoe everybody hit that.
by Laquita December 28, 2004
a bad girl or a girl who knows what she wants and will get it cuz she is bad (realli good) ( West Indian)
I is de RudeGyal toppa de bess
Im am number one
by Laquita December 28, 2004