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A popular term, used commonly in the rap game, in place of the word 'money.'
"I got lots of gwalla let me show you how I show out" - Roscoe Dash


John: Yo man, wanna go to the store?
Paul: Nah, can't, gotta go to work. You know, gotta make that gwalla.
by quignugget April 10, 2010
(Origin- St. Kitts, West Indies)
A term used to describe a female who receives large quantities of penis for personal gain eg.- money, jewelry, bill payment, KFC, Chinese food, box drinks.
Girl 1: Did you hear? May slept with Professor J last week! That's the only way she could have gotten an A+ on her final paper!

Girl 2: For real?? That girl is a real gwalla!!
by Mz Smexci January 18, 2011
latin or hispanic drug dealer
In State Property II
Baby Boy: I fucks with you gwalla gwallas
by trapman850 October 23, 2007
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