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Shooting someone with a shotgun at close range.
I ran up on this dude with the shotty and Dick Chaney'd his ass!
by vaguegus March 07, 2006
slang used to refer to spanish-speaking people
damn gwalla gwalla! muthafucka shorted me 7 grams!
by vaguegus May 10, 2005
that sticky-icky-icky... ohh wee! put it the de air!
i was burnin that herbal essence; it had me zooted!
by vaguegus May 10, 2005
aka p-diesel
that crazy herb... taste like pineapples!
yooooo! your boi took a hit of the p-diesel and hurled! he shouldn't hit that shit like that!
by vaguegus May 10, 2005
acronym for Stinkin Ass Piece Of Shit
jes look at that SAPOS! i wouldn't beat!
by vaguegus May 10, 2005
fake... like light cola, it aint all there
he afraid to start wit me, dude is gangster light! beeooaattch!
by vaguegus May 11, 2005
a person that is acting like a dick
your a meat!
by vaguegus February 07, 2004

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