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A command made by any male to a specific lady's boyfriend telling him to watch out for his girlfriend. This usually means that the person making the command is going after the lady and that if the boyfriend doesn't keep her on a short leash, she will get swept away.
"You better cuff yo chick tonight, man, she's a hottie and i'm finna take her back with me."
by quignugget May 12, 2010
A popular term, used commonly in the rap game, in place of the word 'money.'
"I got lots of gwalla let me show you how I show out" - Roscoe Dash


John: Yo man, wanna go to the store?
Paul: Nah, can't, gotta go to work. You know, gotta make that gwalla.
by quignugget April 10, 2010
A term made popular by the-dream (an american hip-hop artist) describing the hand bag a man buys his wife or girlfriend after he is caught cheating. This can come from a variety of designers, but it should be quite expensive, to save the relationship.
"She said, If you don't wanna break up, then you know what to do to make up....drop five stacks on that make up bag." -The-dream
by quignugget May 10, 2010
Down to fuck anything that walks. A ridiculously horny mindstate in which someone is willing to have sex with just about anything at anytime, anywhere.
"Dude, you haven't gotten laid in months. You must be DTFATW."

"Of course, I'd even do that 400lb'er over there."
by quignugget January 13, 2010
A specific group in your phone dedicated to numbers that you would call late on a night to try to get a booty call. Sort of short for booty call call list. This may include hot or ugly girls - anything that will get the job done when desperate.
I drunk texted my entire booty call list last night. Rachel was the only one that responded. She's ugly, but, whatever.
by quignugget April 25, 2010
A bittie. A very hot girl.
Damn that girl's a muffin. I'd like to do terrible things to her.
by quignugget April 25, 2010
the texting abbreviation for:

1) my kind of party

2) my kind of place
Joe: Shud we come to the party? (text)

Rick: Yeah dude, its sick. MKOP
by quignugget March 11, 2010

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