Top Definition
1. Top Notch Female
2. A Female that will hit a nigga for her nigga
3. A Female that does not bite her tongue
4. A Female that knows how and when to fuck her man right
5. Still stays classy
Man lil kesha my gutta bitch
by Sir Saula July 17, 2008
Your main girl "bottom bitch"
I'm gonna always fuck with her, she's my gutta bitch
by Yoski Pond January 29, 2006
a real azz independent classy yet hood female who is down 4 her nigga but only if her nigga down 4 her she can hold her own and don't need help from nobody she don't ride with clicks she solo but fuckz with a few she true 2 her self and respects herself she dont run around talking shit about other people if she got something to say about a person she'll tell you str8 up, she is a real friend but only to the people she feel real, she aint a loud-mouth aint ratchet or trys 2 pop off or nothing but if u start to provoke her she can goin hold her own
That bitch be talkin so much shit about people and she think she bad but she is nothing but a nasty dirty bald hoe she aint no gutta bitch.
by real azz February 23, 2009
A group of down ass girls, they dont take shit, but dont talk it either. when you fuck with one of them, you get all of em. they dont walk around looking for trouble, but when one of them has something to say, they make it heard.
"Damn here comes those gutta bitches, someone is about to get knocked the fuck out."
by BSTROUD March 18, 2009
1.A gurl who has her man's back
2.Ride or die chick
3.the chick who is down for her nigga and his crew. Shes always holding it down, and known to be independent. She can be a good friend, mother, or etc.
Man Kiki is a real gutta bitch...dats why i love her so much.
by kiki021117 December 31, 2007
Someone who u can trust with all ur secrets a=to and know they won't get out.(usually a girl)
I told my gutta bitch my deepest darkest secret today bro.
by Nolababi May 29, 2008
also known as a fuck buddy
he's myy gutta bitch
by m!zzbReezii May 12, 2008

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