a ragamuffin,
A grimy dirty little urchin or waif with ratted greasy hair. Usually female.
she sure looks like a kesha with that ugly bag.
by rachdogg January 27, 2009
A noun describing something not appealing to any human sense. In other words, something smelly and disgusting.

Can be used as an adjective.

Reference to Ke$ha.
"What's that smell?"
"Ew! It's kesha!"
by kinkykesha May 03, 2010
1. (noun) a popstar who became famous by waking up in the morning feeling like p diddy and claiming mick jagger was her father

2 (noun) the second beat Mafia Matrix Player since Visu
today i woke up inthe morning feeling like Kesha
by iKrYpTiC October 18, 2010
(it) a girl who you do NOT bring home to your parents because eventually you will have mini kesha sluts running around when you're only a TEENAGER

1. an alcoholic (not a member in the church of lushotology)
2. a person who brings terrible music to the world
3. someone who will die alone rotting in a deep, dark whole
4. some one who people love giving the finger to ..|..
5. someone who will grow up abused without any love
6. 30 year old who rapes teenage boys
7. a bank robber (hence the $)
person: (yells in big city) hey look! its kesha!
all other people: (look at a piece of dog shit because anything is interesting than kesha)
by kerplunkadookie March 10, 2011
kesha is high grade weed. The rap group CASH Out uses this term.
riding with a hoe named Kesha smoking on kesha.
by brandothegreat March 23, 2013
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