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Commonly used when refering to ones friends. This word is a gangster version of the word "girl" but is most commonly used amoung white females. This word was originated due to drunken nights with wannabees who like to shoot theirselves in the hands and say that they were robbed. Usually a result of getting "hyphy" or "crizzy". Can also be used in reference with the word "boi".
"What chu doin gur?!"

''Do da stanky leg gur!"
by Bad Bitch #1 February 05, 2010
A baby lion
There was a gur in the jungle. He had a hot lion mommy with six breasts.
by Brad March 17, 2004
1) n. the plural of girls
2) v. to aggressively wash a fresh catfish with a more than normally abrasive sponge
i swear im going to gurs you if you dont stop
by King Daddy Swag Master III March 23, 2014
This is an inconspicuous way to ask a friend if they are willing to partake in sexual intercourse with a female in their general vacinity. If the response to the afirmentioned word is yes, this means they would in fact engage in sexual relations with the person.
Joe: Gurs?
AJ: Hell no! She's vitellius!
Jake: Yes.

Refer to vitellius for definition.
by Three Wise Men March 29, 2011
a gramme of drugs most likely coke(yayo)
sup dawg, got a gur?
what u workin wit man? Fuckin wit a gur!
by B_Blazed November 05, 2003
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