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4 definitions by YK

A japanese term that describes a person or thing to be related to either darkness or evil.
Innocent Yugi's alter ego is Yami-Yugi
by YK June 04, 2004
the coolest, smartest, most romantic, strong and well built, hot, best dancer, guy in the world.

dont you wish you could be a yonatan?
dont you wish you could be a yonatan?
by YK March 19, 2004
A very good site for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Often on the recieving end of abuse because people are too stupid to read the hugeass "Warning, this is liable to offend" notice on the first page.
Sonic Cult can do this shit because they are better than you.
by YK July 11, 2004
a baby lion
a baby lion in the jungle
by YK March 17, 2004