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a gay yuppie
i live in a nice, big apartment, do what i want to do, have a great job, travel, eat out when i feel like it, no kids. high disposable income. and my mom LOVES my boyfriend.
by longislandsucks March 19, 2004
Guppies are go-getters with successful careers and expensive, smart casual wardrobes to match.
Guppies have Type-A personalities and sometimes become Sugar Daddies to less successful mates.
Like their 1980s predecessors, Guppies want the best of everything - if it's green, that is. Guppies will buy anything to enhance their status as eco-friendly guardians of the environment, even if it means throwing away perfectly funcitonal "traditional" items in order to boast that their car, their house, their pets or children are "green."
Yeah, we just had some Guppies move in next door. They ripped out and sent hundreds of feet of pine flooring to the landfill to replace it with bamboo.
by Emily Roberson May 04, 2008
One who is weak and should get devoured by sharks.
Get out of my lake before you get chewed up, guppie.
by Big Poo Dog September 06, 2005
Gay fish, usually male, but could switch genders.
My fabulous x, Jonathon, collects guppies and shoots them in a barrel.
by aaron atlas February 22, 2005 who buys skimpy sacs. who bets on madden and loses more than $100 in one night and come back to bet and lose day after day.
3.On an onside kick the block time on the field for the defense.
Wow, Ridnher you sure are a guppie, and ya got ya some guppies out there on the field.
by Phatboy November 21, 2003
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