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An Anime Series.
Gundam seed's storyline.
A conflict which started between the Earth Alliance aka Naturals and Zaft aka Coordinators, which started because of economic troubles was clearly undecided. The two sides had no other choice, and war broke out. 11 months after this war started is when the timeline of Gundam SEED all begins. Heliopolis; a colony which is a 'neutral' colony was dragged into the war while Earth hid their secret mobile suits here. ZAFT mobile suit force raids Heliopolis and thus capturing all but 1 of the Gundams
Yet sad and good, surprises the people watching.
by -l337h4x0rz- May 05, 2005
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An anime series which is a good starter for most fans new to Gundam. But to the older fans of Gundam, it's just bits and pieces of the previos Gundam series smooshed together to form a new series.

Also see: Gundam Seed: Destiny
You take the personality of Shuuya from Battle Royale and the character design of Yuki Aiba from Infinite Ryvius and you get Kira Yamato of Gundam Seed.

Good job, fuckwits. I'm suprised nowone didn't sue.
by Ryoga-chan December 06, 2005
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The gayest gundam so far. A show that is a detailed yet horribly boring gundam spin-off. Trys to be a soap opera way to hard even though it's fucking anime.
G Gundam is the only gundam show worth watching.
by JOE MOMMA April 19, 2005
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