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One who observes, looks for, gawks, or even tries to interact with a celebrity.
100% TRUE STORY: After trying repeatedly to semi-successfully engage in conversation with Frances Fisher (former lover of Clint Eastwood) at Whole Foods Market in Hollywood, a stargazer knew her label ... when Ms. Fisher said loudly, winking, to the cashier as the "stargazer" followed her in line: "What kind of lily is that (pointing to a bunch of lilies for sale at the register)?" The cashier loudly said in reply, winking back Ms. Fisher, while looking at the "stargazer" gawker ...

"It's a Stargazer."

She knew then, that she had overstepped her boundaries with the celebrity, and was a true Stargazer.
by Candycasa January 29, 2010
Shipper of the Harry Potter ship WolfStar (Remus/Sirius)
I love Remus and Sirius together, I'm a complete stargazer.
by SiriusScruffy September 21, 2012
Another word for prostitute,was used by Irish immigrants during the great potato famine in New York.
(Reiley) Aye Bill, she be real star-gazer, eh?
(Mortemer) Aye, that she is Joe, that she is...
by Tim Pilcher October 17, 2005
a cute jersey chick you meet at the bar, who falls while skiing. she is however pretty dam awesome.
i met this awesome stargazer at the mountain this week
by ceasar palace March 07, 2012