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Strike Freedom Gundam (Strike Freedom for short) is a Gundam from the anime series Gundam SEED Destiny. It is piloted by Kira Yamato and given to him by his lover Lacus Clyne.

Strike Freedom is considered the strongest gundam of all time and the embodiment of plot armor as it is hardly even scratched by a single mobile suit (not even other main characters gundams) and can destroy basically everything with one or two shots of any of its available weapons. It well known for defying any human physics.
"Strike-Freedom is the best gundam ever!"
by Sasori_Zero January 04, 2009
Gundam SEED Eternity is a non-existant anime that was spawned in a fashion similar to Dragonball AF.

The Rumor started when the last episode of Gundam SEED Destiny Aired that Sunrise was slating for a third continuation of the CE timeline. Three "Plot spoilers" were released stating:

"Gundam Seed Eternity-Episode 1
Two years have passed ever since the war in Gundam Seed Destiny. Peace have restored till Lacus Clyne the chairwoman of PLANT was assassinated. Chaos then began as it created unrest in the people of PLANT. Kira Yamato was very agitated when he found out that Lacus is dead. He swore to find the murder. And that’s how the war began again with an unknown force planning to take over PLANT. While in Orb, the new main character could be seen learning how to use mobile suits.

Gundam Seed Eternity-Episode 2
Two years have passed ever since the war in Gundam Seed Destiny. Peace has restored. Until Cagalli, the Orb’s representative disappeared into nowhere. Someone mysterious then took over her role and started to wage war with the other countries. What has happened to Cagalli and now that this person took over the role, what’ll happen to Orb?

Gundam Seed Eternity-Episode 3
The Earth Alliance has returned with main character, Kei Minato and starts to attack the other countries. Both Orb and PLANT tries to stop it from invading but fails too. Kira Yamato had no choice but to go to war once again but this time, with Shinn Asuka and Athrun Zala. They finally defeat the Earth Alliance but as an unknown force approaches them, what’ll happen to Kei Minato who is part of it? "

After the fact many fans swore it was the truth and Sunrise would not deny a third series in production. Fake fan art spawned shortly after such as "Gundam Eternal Freedom" and blogs went insane making other "spoiler" material such as the gundams of "Kei Minato"'s Team.

Gundam SEED Stargazer eventually the third CE Series Sunrise planned for(it was actually an ONA/Movie/OVA) that was centered around an Earth Federation Mobile Suit Team.

The Speculation soon died afterwards. However some fans have sense made Fan Fiction set in the CE universe.

Person A " DUDE! Did you hear they are making a third CE Series called "Gundam SEED Eternity "!"

Person B "Dude its bull shit"
by Sasori_Zero January 04, 2009
A new meme that generated from 4chan's /m/ board by a user named "S" . It is used to describe the main protagonist of Gundam 00 Setsuna F. Seiei in a light similar to Kira Yamato Because of the GN Drive constantly preventing him from dying or getting hit and instead commiting epic rape against all other enemies.

It is also used to describe him only being good because of the GN Drive and utilizing "GN Voodoo"
"Setsuna is GN Jesus"
by Sasori_Zero March 01, 2009

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