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Hitachiincest is a term used when reffering to the homosexual act/relationship between Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin from the manga turned anime Ouran High School Host Club or Ouran Koukou Host Club by Bisco Hatori.
Hitachiincest is a hell of a sexy sight to behold.
by Ryoga-chan July 02, 2006
An anime series which is a good starter for most fans new to Gundam. But to the older fans of Gundam, it's just bits and pieces of the previos Gundam series smooshed together to form a new series.

Also see: Gundam Seed: Destiny
You take the personality of Shuuya from Battle Royale and the character design of Yuki Aiba from Infinite Ryvius and you get Kira Yamato of Gundam Seed.

Good job, fuckwits. I'm suprised nowone didn't sue.
by Ryoga-chan December 06, 2005
A joke name for porn involving one or more mechanical robots; mostly Transformers or Gundams. It derived from an Optimus/Megatron comic that, during the sex scene, made the sound effects "CLANG CLANG CLANG" and has been an internet meme on /m/ ever since.
/m/an #1: Can I have your CLANG CLANG CLANG folder? Especially the stuff with Dolores and Guncannon-tan."
by Ryoga-chan April 10, 2009
The very definition of a troll passing himself off as an anime producer. His most notable trolling came in the form of Macross Frontier, which had a ridiculous number of cameos from previous series in the franchise but ended up only fucking with the fan's expectations.

An especially notable episode which this happened in was episode 17, where Ozma went through the same movements as the late Roy Fokker did, and survived. Many Macross fanboys threw a raging nerd fit at the producer for mocking Roy's death, but Kawamori's only response was "LOL I DUNNO WUT U GUISE TALKIN' ABOUT!".
Guy 1: "So I want to start watching Macross, and I thought Frontier would be a good place to begin because--"

by Ryoga-chan April 12, 2009
A general term for anyone who is a fan of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, whether they be intelligent or extremely dumb. Most have been spawned by it airing on YTV and Cartoon Network, 90% if them being morbidly obese and have no working social life, so they have to spam the forums dead with such phrases as:
"OMG ASSRAN IZ MIEN!111!!1!1one"

The remaining 10% have a brain, and are quietly enjoying the sight of the jackass fans being slaughtered by the UC fanbase. Amen to that, brotha.
Eye am John D'OH N EyE M GunDUMB S33dling fan cuz GS gut teh angst wit gundums N teh NEKID CHICKS wit big bo0bs. OLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I R SUU SMURT. :D

(Aren't Gundam Seedlings like this just so... punchable? <3)
by Ryoga-chan August 30, 2006
A man who, despite his hardships in acting manly, is constantly passed off as a woman. However girls dig gender-confused men, so he gets two pussies for one cheap price. Also may be banging his friend's girlfriend, too.
"Who's the hottest woman in Macross Frontier?"

"Alto Saotome, of course!"
by Ryoga-chan April 10, 2009
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