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Large, suckable nipples that when erect are visible through clothing.
"Damn check out the gumdrops on that chick! You can see them across the room."
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
A female who is curvy in all the right places; thick thighs, plump booty, big breasts
guy1: "Flower Tucci is a thyck ass white chick."
guy2: "Yeah, its a new phenomenon."
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
Short for knuckle, as in knuckle up, prepare to fight.
"Dont get nuck 'less you ready to throw down"
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
Short for nephew, used when addressing an acquaintance or friend
"Hey Tyrone, what's up my nef?"
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
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