gangsta, tight as shit, raw & real,
str8 up thugged-out, hardcore ish!
G-Unit be some gully-ass niggas!!!
by Marshall Mirzada December 04, 2003
its off the chain! totally hot!
dat car is type gully!
by lynzee November 22, 2003
a way of being phony-a phony person
she statin to be mad gully
by Shaquandra November 09, 2003
definition: wicked, great, cool, fabulous, fantastic, excellent, really good.
Those trainers are gully. or, she's gully at dancing. or, ipod's are gully. or, jamiacan's are gully. or, hot weather is gully etc
by louisa March 13, 2005
a young, chuck red-headed boy whom showers in candy and delights in the challenge of stand-up comedy (though completely unsuccessful at it). has a smile as bright as the sunshine and an insatiable zest for the male genitalia.
"i like hugs" - some gay shit gully would probably say
by spawnutsa April 18, 2006
here are some of gullys favourite nicknames: table top, fridge, microwave, cube kid, cuboid, sponge bob square chin, gulfrangarangatan, gulli lulli, box boy, orangezeb, ugly fucker.
his favourite words are AND, WHY, I DONT GIVE A FUCK, I DONT GIVE A SHIT and THATS FAT. gulli is also the dumbest fucker ever, who also embarrasses himself all the time and stutters every time he says a word
by bazi May 06, 2004
verb: jive talking to a person in an attempt to get into fist-a-cuffs with a brute

adjective: to describe the state of a person, place or thing that is held with either extremely high or extremely low regard.
" tryin' to get gully wit it boy?!?! think you're hard, you think you're a tuff guy?!?!"

"hustlin' last night with jo-jo was so gully!"
by Ryan Willis June 12, 2006
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