A Guido is an Italian American male who is a complete moron. The Guidos like to screw up the New Jersey shore and disgrace the entier state. They absolutely hate People that are English,Irish,German,Skandanavian, or Slavic.

(which i am English,Irish,German:the Anglosaxon parts of me: and i may be part Skando.)

Guidos often beat up innocent little boys(actual white boys)
Theese Itallians pretend to be white but they are not they are not truly white like me and my friends

Guidos act like black people by listening to rap and burning flags of Anglo-European contries.

unfortuneatly most people like guidos and follow them to death.

The guido virus is high in this world especially because most females of the WHOLE COUNTRY are attracted to them and only them

If you know a paulie or a bernie most likely they spray cologne all over their body and spike their hair and scream the words *muff cabage* out in the air while watching Teresa and Karen and Dainelle fight on the Bravo Channel

The only way to fight the Itallian virus is to burn an Itallian flag raise an Anglosaxon or Skandanavion one and play loud Medolic Death Metal or Heavy Metal
Most of the Jersey Shore population

Someone who hates good music and says *muff cabage*
Someone who is burning the flag of Ireland or Germany

is a Guido
by Deathmetalfan666 November 18, 2010
1. In Turin (Piedmont, NW Italy), bus chaffeurs. In Italian "guido" is a pun because it means "I drive" and is also a proper name for men. If you call a driver this way it seems like he's familiar to you. This saying is no longer very widespread.
Il guido prende rosso anche alle rotonde. Che palle.
The chaffeur gets the red traffic light at roundabouts, too. That sucks.
by Uslengh November 09, 2014
A person who wears tight popped collared shirts either burgundy or white, and always unbuttoned to show off their chest, and wears nike boots with tight designer jeans. Prefers techno music at the club. Also, always had a black beanie handy. Coming from an Italian descent.
by nickbuccola<3newyork March 17, 2009
An Italian male from staten island
Come to Staten Island and hang out at Blue Lounge and you will find a little guido everywhere you turn.
by Nick Szwaba October 18, 2006
slang word describing an italian
This guido walked by with a chain around his neck.
by theres December 18, 2004
A completely made-up sub-culture, invented by the media and white people trying to act black and giving it a different name. Americans who think that they are Italian because their grandparents are, and are therefore hated by both Americans, actual Italians and of course, the rest of the world.

The guidette is the female variation, often short, overweight and fantastically ugly, but are somehow under the impression that they are attractive.
Look at that guido and guidette couple going to the tanning salon together... Awwww it's like they're people.
by Sam_squawk October 24, 2011
Original Version- A white, obnoxious, male, that listens to disco music. This term was often used in the 70's by people who listened to rock music and thought disco was bad.
Guidos usally hung out with the "girl guidos" which were labbled "Stellas".

The Guidos and Stellas would mostly listen to music that was easy to "hustle" to, such as The Village People or Earth, Wind, Fire.
These Guidos usally wore bright bell bottum pants with bright botton up shirts and platform shoes, with greasy hair.
These guidos died with disco.

Jersey Shore Verison- An Itilan American male, that lives in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area.
This guido spends his days working out at the gym and going spray or bed tanning.
His nights usally consume of wearing tight clothes, greasing his hair up and going clubbing to score chicks, and for some reason thinks he's going to get one.
The guido does these types of activities way up into his late 30's.
This guido usally hangs out with the "girl guido" The Guidette. Who is usally an over tanned, dramtic, slut.
This trend was made famous by the tv show Jersey Shore, which is about 8 guidos and guidettes getting drunk and getting laid.

Hopfully these guidos die with the show.
Exmaple 1: "Someone needs to tell these guidos that disco is dead"

Exmaple 2: "That guy is so greasy, he could be one Jersey Shore with the other guidos"
by Booboobro April 11, 2011

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