A Guido is an Italian American male who is a complete moron. The Guidos like to screw up the New Jersey shore and disgrace the entier state. They absolutely hate People that are English,Irish,German,Skandanavian, or Slavic.

(which i am English,Irish,German:the Anglosaxon parts of me: and i may be part Skando.)

Guidos often beat up innocent little boys(actual white boys)
Theese Itallians pretend to be white but they are not they are not truly white like me and my friends

Guidos act like black people by listening to rap and burning flags of Anglo-European contries.

unfortuneatly most people like guidos and follow them to death.

The guido virus is high in this world especially because most females of the WHOLE COUNTRY are attracted to them and only them

If you know a paulie or a bernie most likely they spray cologne all over their body and spike their hair and scream the words *muff cabage* out in the air while watching Teresa and Karen and Dainelle fight on the Bravo Channel

The only way to fight the Itallian virus is to burn an Itallian flag raise an Anglosaxon or Skandanavion one and play loud Medolic Death Metal or Heavy Metal
Most of the Jersey Shore population

Someone who hates good music and says *muff cabage*
Someone who is burning the flag of Ireland or Germany

is a Guido
by Deathmetalfan666 November 18, 2010
a gay italian

(as seen on the Jersey Shore)
example: Pauly D = Guido
by guido<3333 January 09, 2010
-Guido actually translates to guy in English. It's a name. Nowadays, it's used as a racial slur against Italian guys. Usually the morons who speak like illiterates (i.e "not for nothin, how ya doin, my mudda, check out dat broad!" etc)

-They give genuine Italian people a bad name
a. That guys a real guido, listen to the way he speaks.
1.Check out dat broad. Ohh!
2.Eh oh! How ya doin!
3. Look at that fuckin melignon (pronounced mool-in-yon)
by JPistoia May 08, 2008
1. Originating from Italian culture. Guidos are those tools you see on Jersey Shore. Not all Italians are Guidos. and in fact there is a difference between the two. And thanks to Jersey Shore there are alot of wannabe Guidos all over the United States. All guidos are total fags and lazy pieces of shit.

2. Proof that whitetrash now comes in orange.
Fucken hell!!!! eveyone in my school is tryin to be a guido wannabe now, thanks to Jersey Shore!!!!!
by The one with the answer 69 July 08, 2011
Guido- Usually referred to as really potent and loud weed.
-"Aye bro, did you grab the guido?"

-"Yea it's in the jean jacket."
by Mer Thang November 20, 2011
a sorry excuse for italians
those jersey shore kids think they're real italians. no, they're just guidos
by eeeeeeeep September 08, 2011
Recently made popular by the MTV show "Jersey Shore"

A man usually from a family with a strong Italian Descent.

They tend to express their Heritage through clothing, cars, and other decor.

Common Characteristics of a Guido are:

-Fake Tan
-Dark Brown/Black Gelled exotic hairstyles
-Multiple Tattoos
-Medallions & Other Gold

-Wears Lip Gloss
-Ripped Body (Juiced)
-Parties often
-New York/Jersey Accent
-Hang out at Jersey Shore
-Drive Tricked out whips
Jersey Shore cast consist of Guidos.
by PSpmaster January 04, 2010

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