An Italian/American woman.

Must be a hottie, nice ass, nice rack. Curvy, and must at least use 3-4 bottles of hair spray per outting.

Loves clubs just as much as her partner a "guido"

In other words, any girl from jerzy.
Mikey, Joey, and Vinny strolled into the club where they noticed a fine guidette dancing on the speaker.
by Vinnie August 26, 2003
an italian girl who has big boobs,nice ass, and thick hair.. Talks italian mafia kind of way. Not from newjersy but from new york bitch.
Alessandra is such a guidette that she is mistaken for being in the mafia and selling drugs.
by sandrabxgurl December 14, 2003
A Guidette is a female equivalent to a Guido. They are attractive females who are usually of Italian/Sicilian descent. Although there are many of them who are Black, Latina,Irish,Jewish etc. (Like many of my girls).....They always have the best bodies and know how to keep in shape. And trust me we know exactly how to flaunt it and do it well. They make the best girlfriends and have the best fashion sense. Like Bebe,Armani Exchange, & Juicy couture just to name a few. You can find us almost any where in the tristate area, and believe me we really know how to party like there's no tomorrow. We are the ones who bring the party to life at clubs and we definitely know how to dance, especially when it comes to frolicing. Tanning, shopping, and clubbing are our passions, and don't forget about those hot guidos.... ps.(we know how to rock a poof hairstyle, light-colored lipstick, and a tan while wearing a half cut shirt that shows our perfect flat stomach and belly ring.)

Mikey: "Joey did you see that hot girl in Armani Exchange?"
Joey: "Yeah she must be a guidette."
by Rochelle_x0x0 August 13, 2007

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