A girl that's attracted to a guido.
That's Guidette sure like that Guido!
by holagurll February 26, 2012
jersey shore girl named snooki. not necessarily snookie however, a guidette can also just be an italian american bitch who is too lazy to find a single guy, so she goes for taken guido
look at that guidette trying to take creig. snookies gonna shave her head.
by flomause June 18, 2010
An amazing Italian girl who will kick anyone's ass if you mess with them. They're the BOSS.
Ashley Iaquez is the best out of all the Guidettes in the world.
by KJ69 January 12, 2012
an Italian-American woman (the female counterpart to a Guido) usually seen with long dark-colored hair or perhaps bleach blonde, wearing tight clothing these females are fond of leopard print, or any other print for that matter usually wears a lot of make-up and bronzer,these women are known to get their nails done regularly and go tanning, now, a Guidette can be very stylish,and classy,but some of the lower class ones can be dirty whores just like any woman,so right off the bat a guidette doesn't have to be a whore or cheap, you just need to find a classy one and your good, (oh and guidettes love their high heels/stilettos)
snooki from jersey shore,me, jwoww from jersey shore,sammi from jersey shore,the girls olivia and trish from jerseylicious, are all guidettes
by a guidette. October 17, 2010
"Guido" and "guidette" are terms that refer, respectively, to males and females active in an Italian American subculture that places emphasis on community and ethnic heritage and highly values family, physical appearance, and forms of entertainment popular in Brooklyn & Staten Island, New York and the New Jersey Shore, like clubbing.
"I'm a guido and she's a guidette, and after dinner with the family we like to party it up at D'Jais, yeeeaaah."
by GGCC December 30, 2009
an italian/american girl with a nice body who always wears tight pants and a tight shirt to show herself off. they are extremely hot but only date those greasy-ass bastards that act tough but are usually complete pussies.
"damn if everygirl had a body like that we wouldnt be looking at these fake guidettes.
by tightpussy0 November 24, 2009
A guidette is a girl from the northern Jersey and Staten Island area. They do nothing but go tanning, have sex and go tanning. They always try to get their hair as high as they can. Guidettes are italian girls that are gorgeous. No, they are not gorgeous cuz of looks..just being italian makes them the best since italians do it best! Most guidettes got a new york accent and most of them sound like Fran Drescher from "The Nanny"...I should know cuz my girlfriend and sister are guidettes who never stop talking and they make it sound like the set of "The Nanny". A lot of guidettes are whores but who cares cuz us guido men are too. A lot of them can be seen in a nightclub either grinding a guy, giving a lapdance to someone in the "V.I.P." sextion...or they can be seen laying on the floor drunk as hell from too much tequila.
Tony: "hey did ya' see that girl in the nightclub?"
Vinny: "Yeah she is a guidette...so that means she is a whore."
by frank duh tank September 17, 2009

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