the southerners way of saying "gulf"
"The tsunami struck along the Persian guff"
by Jordin Wa December 27, 2004
An unusually low voice having person
Y halo thar, u must be guff.
by ch4p April 09, 2004
another persons smart-attiude. There words that are totally uncalled for and are making them look like a butchi. See bitchi for more.
Guy - Shut up before I smack you, slut.
Guy (2) - I don't want you guff, slut. Shut the hell up.
by Urban Dictionary April 22, 2003
A vagina
Did you see her guff?
by so's your face August 22, 2008
The same as Girlfriend. Originating from the chav spelling of the word, or "gf" which, when spoken out loud, is pronounced as "guff" thus making it much cooler.
"This is my guff, Nina."
by Teh Vez0rz July 23, 2006
Guff = Geriatric muff
"I hope Sharon Stone doesn't show her guff in basic instict 2"
by mcfcvince April 03, 2006
An extreme idiot with no intellectual power.
Wow. That guy's such a Guff.
by Pyncha October 17, 2004

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