Weed of Poor Quality
Put That GUFF OUT, & Rool Dat Kill Doe Like!! Naw I'm Cool Cuz, That Shit Some GUFF!!
by Da Militia February 20, 2008
A North-Eastern Scottish term for English.
Did you hear the Guffs lost to Portugal again?

John? Nah, he's just a big guff.
by Ross McPhyee August 13, 2006
What the Queen might say were someone in her vicintiy to break wind
Oh my! I do believe someone may have guffed
by very_ape February 13, 2005
A slang term for a physically unattractive person.
Mary was a pleasant girl, but a bit of a guff.
by nicola's top man April 08, 2008
you know beef, hate, jeolousy
What you got guff?
by Anoop George May 08, 2003
insults or problems from someone else

often used by people too afraid to say the word crap or shit
nerd to nerd- he doesn't take any guff

gangster to gangster- snap homey dat mothafucka dont take no shit* from noooobodee

*in this case shit means guff
by thomas the train engine November 07, 2006
Guff is 'Free Stuff' or crap you don't want so you leave it out for anyone to take. Usually its crap, junk, or leftovers.
Did you see someone left cookies on the guff table?
Are these chips someone's or is it guff?
by UUNet September 23, 2004

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