A guff is a patch of hair located on a mans gouch or even possibly a womans. Guffs can be all different shapes and sizes.
David sliced is gouch trying to shave his guff.
by pussy cruncher September 07, 2011
The act of losing your 'swim team' do to an exciting situation.
Gillian: Look 4 people behind you. This broad has the one of the top 5 racks I have ever seen
Dan: I just guffed in my pants.
by stuarts91 July 11, 2011
guff refers to hassle , also guffyhead.
eg "he was giving me guff so i gave him stuff".Largely used in the travelling community Ireland,"He has a guffyhead" meaning this man looks like he wil cause social problems
by kenzointhemix November 08, 2009
Matt Donellan, the most guffiest kid. He farts, talks shit, and has the worse life ever. Straight up GUFF! No one ever date a guff, trust me, hes going to go after your little brother.
Mathew Donnellan is such a fucking Guff
by Nicky Figs July 07, 2009
A shorter version of Guthridge also known as jake :)
a VERY kind person who gets beer ;) and the king of the world nd the best lukkin lad eva ;);)

Is that king Guff Over there ?
by Kirstie&Kelly June 17, 2009
The fat bump half way between a females gut and muff. Obese females can artificially create a guff by wearing tight pants and/or belt. In sexual terms, the guff may be referred to as "more cushion for the pushin'"
"Oh my, look how fat that ladies guff is!"
"That old chick's got tits hanging all the way to her guff"
"Wow, she's cute, but she's got a bit of a guff"
by Duckman FTW May 08, 2008
Weed of Poor Quality
Put That GUFF OUT, & Rool Dat Kill Doe Like!! Naw I'm Cool Cuz, That Shit Some GUFF!!
by Da Militia February 20, 2008
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