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to defecate
When I was a child and I farted my mom would ask me if I needed to grunty.
by Boppboppalooboppawhopbamboom October 03, 2003
1. A derogatory term for calling someone a cow and a pig at the same time.
2. A pig-cow hybrid creature in the .hack games and anime.
1. "Get out of my house you stupid grunty!"
2. "I'm going to go feed my grunty."
by ThyPrincessLuna December 30, 2012
Fecal residue left after wiping; specifically, residue that has mixed with sweat, eventually resulting in an itchy sensation.
"Ah, man, I gotta take a shower, or at least go re-wipe. These grunties are driving me crazy!"
by WizardPickle September 29, 2009
Noise made during sleep by person dreaming of sex. Cute if done by a woman, disturbingly sinister if done by a guy.
He kept me awake with chortling grunties.
by Waldo November 15, 2002
A homosexual ranger in Talisman.
We we're all having a fun time, then Grunties came and wierded us out.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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