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A highly addicting game with virtual pets that can suck you in quite easily. However, Doug Dohring screwed the whole site over by adding huge ugly banners on every page, and the idiot total is rising quickly. If you can get around such things (Adblock for Firefox and Italian boards!), it's a nice site to be on... I recommend having one main account and one account to chat with, as the report-happies suck.
Me: ... Yeah. I play Neopets.
Me: -sweatdrop- No.
by Naru February 25, 2005
a beautiful machine with the graphic power of a god
photoshop works great on my new PowerBook
by naru March 20, 2004
1) The general idiot congregation place on Neopets. People here chatspeak and often try to get dates online. (It was deleted over a year ago. It has faded into legend... and now the stupid people are in all the other boards. EMS, I miss the days when I could visit (on an old tour bus, no less) and _not_ see "ONG R U GAWF?!?11!?")

2) (another form of the word - Neopets GC'ers) One who goes to the Neopets General Chat. Some are chatspeaking lovesicks or child molesters.
1) Ohmigod, you actually WENT INTO GENERAL CHAT?! That place has too much chatspeak and stupidity!

2) omg h1 im a gcer!!11!one! u wanna makeout
by Naru March 27, 2005
Derived from "Narushyennaya", the Russian word for "disturbed", Naru is a nickname. Also roughly means "noise" in Japanese.
Yes, it's also a Love Hina character, but that's aside the point here.
"Naru never updates her fictions. Gah."
by Naru March 31, 2005
a evil monkey that dodge every attack without thinking.
Naru stabsssssssss teh monkey.
Monkey_fish_man dodges.

Naru: evil monkey!
by Naru August 03, 2004
a adorable cow like creature; very cute cow!!!
"wow look @ tat cute grunty!"
"its ugly"
"noooo its adorable!!!!!"
by Naru November 11, 2003

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