An ignorant or stupid person.
"Stay away from that guy, he's a grunt."
by x January 22, 2003
The sound made by a person while eating.

Hence, grunts are what you eat. Food.
Whoa, man, I'm hungry. I've got to grunt.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
meh you stupid poeple, grunt is a pleasurable sound that a pig makes when it rolls around in mud.
The pig grunted loudly as she pushed the mini porker out of her plasenta.
by Molly R. June 07, 2004
Combination of Grabbing and Cunt.

Reaching down and crudely grasping or clenching a girl's vagina with your hand.
Aaron deftly grunted Autumn's throbbing vagina as she walked out of the bathroom, her tampon wrapper balled up and ready for the trash.
by Skinwhip March 18, 2005
a kick-ass alien soldier in halo who can kill u with anything! i swear 2 of them could take u out in about 5 seconds!!! u ever run into one run as fast as u can and dont shoot! ull never break throught their armour ever!!! they r the kick-ass soldiers of halo!
woah!!!! over there that grunt!!!! runnnnnnnnnn everybody evacuate the planet were all gonna die!!!!!! run for ur lives!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh....
by walmer April 18, 2005
Private in Army is known as a gurunt
Officers have been heard yelling " GRUNT GRUNT you little C#$T!"
by Aard Vark May 12, 2003
a small unorganised group of people who band together in an attempt to help each other get some. World reknown for being done over and accepting it. King Ug AKA Mental Mike ruler of the grunts.
That tramp is a definate grunt!
by Adam Messy September 14, 2004

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