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Government Reject Unfit for Normal Training
Oi you fucking plant life , you are a grunt !
by LondonDaz March 17, 2008
profoundly powerful marijuana, i.e. the high grade stuff with the crystals and the ooh and aah...
analagous to the chronic or the kind (popular among neo-hippie folk)
Son, you been smokin' that GRUNT?
by Captain Grunt August 09, 2006
An ignorant or stupid person.
"Stay away from that guy, he's a grunt."
by x January 22, 2003
Combination of Grabbing and Cunt.

Reaching down and crudely grasping or clenching a girl's vagina with your hand.
Aaron deftly grunted Autumn's throbbing vagina as she walked out of the bathroom, her tampon wrapper balled up and ready for the trash.
by Skinwhip March 18, 2005
Defecation. So termed because of the noise one makes while performing a bowel movement.
-Excuse me mom, but where is grandpa?
-Oh, he's going grunts.
by Scott Yacyshyn January 28, 2005
Another name for a woman’s private part: Cunt.
Tighter than a ho's grunt.
by steve November 11, 2004
(n) The basic fighting orc unit in Warcraft III.
(v) To make a low grumbling noise.
(n) Grunts are the 0wnage!
(v) When cave men have sex, they grunt.
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004