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Awesome. Hardcore. Intense. Wicked. Inspiring.
That rock concert was totally grunt!
by Trent_Malk September 24, 2010
3 6
greasy gross vagina (cunt)
She has a grunt or she is a grunt
by SuperSpaz September 24, 2009
1 4
The sound made by a person while eating.

Hence, grunts are what you eat. Food.
Whoa, man, I'm hungry. I've got to grunt.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
23 26
A combination of the word "grumpy" and the slang term "cunt". In other words "grumpy cunt."
Nah, I can't go to the dance, my mom's bein' a grunt.
by luap42 March 10, 2008
3 7
an old person who makes grunting sounds when you move them.
Move a "grunt" from their Nursing home bed to the gurny.
by Kokopelliaz July 29, 2007
1 5
1. infantryman in the US Army
2. any Soldier. sometimes derogatory.
I hate walking into a bar and seeing a bunch of grunts.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
11 15
Someone who get's all the shit jobs and is proud of it. Normal humans ("civilians" or cattle) think it is a joke to call someone a grunt but they have no idea.
He can't make that kind of decision, he's just a grunt - no offence.

None taken.
by Gruntboy September 12, 2003
7 11