a form of comunication let lets you know whos around
tom grunted
he listened and 3 grunts came back
by joseph conlan May 16, 2006
noun and verb poop

from a misreading of "to kill a mockingbird" when they poke under the bed with a broom handle. a grunt under the bed.
A. hey, cover for me, i'm on cigarette break!
B. huh uh. you just had one.
A. yeah, i know. i didnt want to say, i'm actually going to do a grunt.

oooh, did you see that nasty grunt in the shitter? it didnt flush!
by dr. roland james nesbaum III October 18, 2005
Awesome. Hardcore. Intense. Wicked. Inspiring.
That rock concert was totally grunt!
by Trent_Malk September 24, 2010
greasy gross vagina (cunt)
She has a grunt or she is a grunt
by SuperSpaz September 24, 2009
Someone who get's all the shit jobs and is proud of it. Normal humans ("civilians" or cattle) think it is a joke to call someone a grunt but they have no idea.
He can't make that kind of decision, he's just a grunt - no offence.

None taken.
by Gruntboy September 12, 2003

Government Reject Unfit for Normal Training
Oi you fucking plant life , you are a grunt !
by LondonDaz March 17, 2008
A combination of the word "grumpy" and the slang term "cunt". In other words "grumpy cunt."
Nah, I can't go to the dance, my mom's bein' a grunt.
by luap42 March 10, 2008
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