Also known as Grundyism. A term to refer to anything, usually from the 1970s that is stale, dingy, dilapidated, and often came in horrible shades of yellow or brown (The actual colours of Urine and Faeces), imitation wood and plastic and came in the forms of hexagon-ish shapes. This term is named after the Grundy TV logo seen in the opening credits of Sons and Daughters for obvious reasons.
The state of that dilapidated, Grundy looking caravan, it deserves burning.
by DirtyHitmanHartley June 10, 2011
1. a short fat person; a person who is wider than they are tall.
2. Slang. a penis that is wider than it is long.
Did you see that chick Jeff brought home last night? That bitch was a grundy.

Wow that guy is an asshole. Its OK - he's probably just pissed about his grundy.
by flikle September 05, 2009
The downing of alcoholic shots (in particular vodka) in one go

'I got a grundy in vodka roulette '
'Prize to anyone who can get a grundy'
by Vodka Roulette fan March 25, 2009
1 vb. To run very fast wearing only one's boxer shorts.

2 adj. To be in one's grundies - to be wearing only one's boxer shorts.

3 noun. Grundyboy - James Halsall.

4 adj. grundy - you can replace pretty much any word with grundy and come out with something that sounds like it should make sense, but doesn't.

5. adj - grundy. to be as of or pertaining to the action of running very fast wearing only one's boxer shorts.
1. I got pulled over by a policeman for grundying down the A65 (true story)

2. I was in my grundies all day Sunday.

3. Hey, Grundyboy! How are you doing?

4. That concert was pretty damn grundy.

5. Running very fast wearing only one's Y fronts is a bit grundy.
asshole, dirty, grimey, disgusting
Colin Oneil is a grundy bitch
by grundybitches January 22, 2011
The act of giving sombody a wedgie after putting sand down their pants or shorts.
The lifeguard gave me a grundy when I bumped into him on accident. I was chaffing for weeks on end, with nothing but pain to look forward to until i went to the doctors for melvin wedgie and grundy reconstructive surgery.
by theend956614756 April 27, 2010
verb: to sneak up behind someone, grab their underpants, and yank them forcefully upwards causing their underpants to get jammed up way deep in their butt crack.
dude, did you see what happened to that new fat kid on the playground? He got a grundy so hard it ripped the elastic off his nuthuggers!!!
by shellacked June 17, 2008

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