verb: to sneak up behind someone, grab their underpants, and yank them forcefully upwards causing their underpants to get jammed up way deep in their butt crack.
dude, did you see what happened to that new fat kid on the playground? He got a grundy so hard it ripped the elastic off his nuthuggers!!!
by shellacked June 17, 2008
noun; defecation.
"Oh shit, son. I took a massive Grundy in Maria's bathroom. I dare ya to light a match!"
"Why are you telling me about your shit, bro?"
by infamous weezer January 08, 2012
1. a short fat person; a person who is wider than they are tall.
2. Slang. a penis that is wider than it is long.
Did you see that chick Jeff brought home last night? That bitch was a grundy.

Wow that guy is an asshole. Its OK - he's probably just pissed about his grundy.
by flikle September 05, 2009
The downing of alcoholic shots (in particular vodka) in one go

'I got a grundy in vodka roulette '
'Prize to anyone who can get a grundy'
by Vodka Roulette fan March 25, 2009
A male gorilla who likes milk and has a huge cock
peter grundy has a massive cock
by peter grundy February 08, 2005
The area of skin between a mans scrotum and asshole. Usually used in a threatening statement.
I'm going to punch/kick you in the grundy.
by Dave Williams November 28, 2004
Nasty; disgusting
When that fat chick spread her legs, that shit looked straight grundy!
by StillBorn May 01, 2003

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