The act of giving sombody a wedgie after putting sand down their pants or shorts.
The lifeguard gave me a grundy when I bumped into him on accident. I was chaffing for weeks on end, with nothing but pain to look forward to until i went to the doctors for melvin wedgie and grundy reconstructive surgery.
by theend956614756 April 27, 2010
1. a short fat person; a person who is wider than they are tall.
2. Slang. a penis that is wider than it is long.
Did you see that chick Jeff brought home last night? That bitch was a grundy.

Wow that guy is an asshole. Its OK - he's probably just pissed about his grundy.
by flikle September 05, 2009
The downing of alcoholic shots (in particular vodka) in one go

'I got a grundy in vodka roulette '
'Prize to anyone who can get a grundy'
by Vodka Roulette fan March 25, 2009
1 vb. To run very fast wearing only one's boxer shorts.

2 adj. To be in one's grundies - to be wearing only one's boxer shorts.

3 noun. Grundyboy - James Halsall.

4 adj. grundy - you can replace pretty much any word with grundy and come out with something that sounds like it should make sense, but doesn't.

5. adj - grundy. to be as of or pertaining to the action of running very fast wearing only one's boxer shorts.
1. I got pulled over by a policeman for grundying down the A65 (true story)

2. I was in my grundies all day Sunday.

3. Hey, Grundyboy! How are you doing?

4. That concert was pretty damn grundy.

5. Running very fast wearing only one's Y fronts is a bit grundy.
A male gorilla who likes milk and has a huge cock
peter grundy has a massive cock
by peter grundy February 08, 2005
a person who cant count money correctly
wow we have 200 pounds, no mate thats a ton.
by M January 27, 2004
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