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asshole, dirty, grimey, disgusting
Colin Oneil is a grundy bitch
by grundybitches January 22, 2011
0 4
The act of giving sombody a wedgie after putting sand down their pants or shorts.
The lifeguard gave me a grundy when I bumped into him on accident. I was chaffing for weeks on end, with nothing but pain to look forward to until i went to the doctors for melvin wedgie and grundy reconstructive surgery.
by theend956614756 April 27, 2010
2 6
verb: to sneak up behind someone, grab their underpants, and yank them forcefully upwards causing their underpants to get jammed up way deep in their butt crack.
dude, did you see what happened to that new fat kid on the playground? He got a grundy so hard it ripped the elastic off his nuthuggers!!!
by shellacked June 17, 2008
13 17
I gotta take a gundy.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
21 25
Slang term for an erection.

Originated from the Archie comics character Ms. Grundy who was loved (one way or another) by everyone.
Example 1:
"While slow dancing with Betty, Jughead got a huge grundy."

Example 2:
"Megan Foxxx could give any straight guy a raging grundy."
by Sauceboots April 22, 2010
4 9
a person who cant count money correctly
wow we have 200 pounds, no mate thats a ton.
by M January 27, 2004
26 31
(Auatralian) shortened form of government regulation undies, refering to plain or uncomfortable underwear.
It was washing day so she had to wear her grundies
by feuxfelix April 24, 2009
9 17