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Pussy; the cotton being the hair, and the candy being the pink hole and surrounding pink areas.
Juggalo A: Did she shave the cotton off?
Juggalo B: Hell yeah dog, straight candy.
by StillBorn April 29, 2003
When something is crazy or unbelievable or wack, or someone is acting like a bitch.
Juggalo A: Did you hit the neden?
Juggalo B: Nah man, that bitch was actin' foo-dang!
by StillBorn April 29, 2003
Getting owned by a Camaro in a street race.
Imports often get CamarOwned. Especially civic's.
by Stillborn September 16, 2005
Nasty; disgusting
When that fat chick spread her legs, that shit looked straight grundy!
by StillBorn May 01, 2003

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