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Something that is done at the feet of a gorgeous female;
Act of being submissive to an Alpha Female
Wow, she is so hot... I would totally grovel at her feet.
by pwrlftr12000 August 01, 2006
The act of eating ass;
Dude, she totally squirmed and moaned when I did a lickerectomy on her... she was sooo hot.
by pwrlftr12000 August 01, 2006
Found under finger nails after wiping;
Usually wiping after wetting the paper in the sink;
foul smell on the fingers or under the finger nails;
smell of poop even after washing your hands
Man, I took a massive dump, and even after I washed, I still got the finger poop goin' on... smell.
by pwrlftr12000 August 01, 2006

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