1. something awesome, great etc.

2. can also be substituted with "mickey mouse". continual of australian slang ie. telephone = dog and bone
1. "Like my car?" "Yeah, it's the grouse".

2. "the seats you get there are mickey mouse".
by liverbird upon my chest November 14, 2010
something or someone that is cool, amazing, awsome ect
john is way grouser than i am.
by dunkaroogirl August 29, 2009
best fkn thing ever
mann that chicks hair is freakin grouse!
by laurenJIZZFACE May 13, 2007
Amusingly-Shaped, excellent, spiffing
that bike is grouse!
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
Picking through old cigarette butts in order to roll new cigarettes.
I groused the ashtrays at the bar to find cigarettes to re-roll.
by Sandibear764 October 24, 2014
completely and utterly sweet. encompasses the full meaning as well as spirituality of awesomeness. preferably expressed with a southern accent.
Wow, now that there automobile, that is grouse.
by Russell May 15, 2003
what someone from glasgow will call someone from edinburgh
here you ya fuckin grouse get ower here the noo
by harty November 08, 2006
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