Grot is another name for a cigerette, fag, blem, cancer stick, smoke
"U got a spare grot i can av mate?"
by Ganjagan July 09, 2004
comes from the word sc-rot-um
its a form of calling someone a testicle without them having a clue.
Stfu grot.
ya whatever you say groto
blow me grot
by 3k!M November 30, 2004
great, usually used sarcastically.
"oh grot." meaning "you're a total fuckface, you wrecked my car."
by lauren August 30, 2003
Male version of queef. To expel small pockets of air from the penis.
I was having a wank but my flow was interrupted suddenly when I made an amazingly painful grot.
by Ckey1980 August 08, 2008
a vagina which is ready to be eaten
after eating her swollen grot i entered her
by jimbob jr March 02, 2004

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