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One who has muscles like a body-builder/someone who takes steroids, although it can also be used in a sarcastic way.
When seeing an ACTUAL grot: DO NOT say anything incase you get twatted...

Sarcastically: When seeing an obviously un-grotty person..."Check this grot! haha"
by Faye-mous October 14, 2008
17 14
another name for a whore/ slut.
You banged Jenn last night? She just screwed me 2 days ago. She is such a grot.
by justlou1976 December 26, 2010
49 47
Another word for a sweet or sweets used in South Cheshire.
Been to the grot shop mate, got any grots?
by Matt1710 August 16, 2006
19 17
noun: Trash, garbage, or filth.

British slang.

noun: Alternative to hench or "physically endowed to a threatening level"

The second definition is used extensively around manchester and lancashire and is the alternative to "bench"
"Don't mess with Saxon, he's a fucking grot"
"Saxon is grotty as fuck"
by RossendaleKen September 01, 2012
1 0
Used to describe someone/something that is simultaneously horrible and fascinating. More specifically, used to describe someone that is simultaneously "grotesque" and "hot."

Oddly attractive, intriguing, or oddly pleasant
"While Jordin Sparks (on American Idol) is overweight and somewhat of a beast, she is grot" ie there is something oddly attractive about her.
by Kref May 02, 2007
10 9
A person who is disgusting and irritating.

See also:

Did you see Aron? What a grot.
by Chimp_2 April 09, 2011
3 3
noun. Trash, garbage, or filth. British slang. Famously, in the 1970s BBC comedy "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin," Reggie opened a doomed (he hoped) shop that sold old bits of trash and scrap recycled into completely useless items. He called it "The Grot Shop." (To Reg's horror, the shop was wildly successful, leading to a string of Grot Shops and, eventually, Grot Industries.)
Something that is "grotty" has a look of filth about it.
"Look at this wonderful planter I got at the Grot Shop."
"It looks like a grotty old shoe, to me."
by Mike Eldred December 28, 2007
6 6