Marc Mandrake slang definition: cool.
"The party was really groovy." = "The party was really cool."
by Hall Monitor Suze June 02, 2005
A groovy word that rolls groovilly off your groovy tongue.
Stay Groovy.
by ThEek October 28, 2011
Neato, delightful
by Henry Schaffer May 30, 2003
Opposite of square. Groovy is originally an expression from jazz, meaning musical, playable, as in a groovy record. The groove of the record has beat and soul. Something or someone groovy has beat and soul. The term was adopted by the musically inclined countercultures of beatniks and hippies.
That platter plays... it's really groovy!
by urbanzson July 24, 2009
A popular saying from anti-hero Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series. Bruce Campbell is so hardcore.
*accidently crushes metal cup with his robotic hand*

Ash - Groovy.
by Tony Yeung October 15, 2006
A word that originated In San Francisco, CA along with The Summer of love/ Entire hippy movement as well. It really just can be anything positive if you like it, it's groovy
I wish I lived in Northern California back when it had nothing but hippies, hipsters, and cannabis. So groovy man.
by 559 to 916 February 08, 2014
The REAL meaning!!! The word Groovy originated in the late 50's and early 60's in the British and American music scenes. It refers to the grooves, on the 78's, 45', and 331/3 LP's, pressed into the vinyl on a record.

As the music scene became popular and getting a record made was the best thing to happen to a musician, the phrase "in the groove" popped up amongst the producers and artists. Groovy soon followed and took on the persona of being very cool or laid back. Anything that was good.
"Man, that is one Groovy record."
"Dude, you are so groovin'
"Get your groove on!"
"Feeling Groovy!"
"I can't wait to get back in the groove."
"That is one Groovy Babe!"
"That Dude is so Groovy!"
"I'm in the Groove!"
by Kay66 December 03, 2010

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