A black person who usually has a big Johnson, though this is not completely nessesary.

A groid can be male or felmale.
"Wow man! Check out the Johnson on that groid!"
by Mishal May 11, 2005
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Slang, slightly demeaning term for black guy. Shortened form of Negroid.
Apparently the groids like the bling these days.
by Notcam March 13, 2003
A darkly skinned male with minimal intellegence, yet strength and speed beyond the capacity of an average homo sapien. Likes eating chicken.
Look at that groid over there
by Sebastian Pedarastian January 04, 2008
Ghetto. Short for negroid.
"He wanted to date her till he found out she was so groid."
by Dwayne Boyd July 18, 2005
Damn this place is full of groids! Can't even go to the park with out seeing half a dozen.
by jabtizzy January 10, 2008
Annoying black people, black people , and niggers!
Damn groid took the mic from taylor swift at the vma's!
by kanyesucks September 15, 2009
Something a nigger or black would have, say, or do. Must be direct to or be talking about a non nigger or black person.
Guy 1: Did you just see that piece of shit car with the rims that are worth more than itself?
Guy 2: Was it driven by a black guy?
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Man that's so fucking groid.
by EsP1619 June 08, 2010
A native from Tiffin, Ohio. Groids originated during WWII when all of the original natives went off to fight. Most towns brought in minorities to work in the factory, but Tiffin being so racist went to the hills of West Virgina and brought in redneck hillbillies to work. The hillbillies then went on to mate with the natives, and now their is a hybrid redneck rasict super being known as Groids.
Kevin: Anna you are such a Groid!

Groid: No I ain't!

Kevin: Yes you are. You just said you hate all minorities.

Groid: Nah, I just hate them blackies, mexicans, and them slants. But I ain't no groid.
by 60lladnik January 25, 2011

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