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The wrinkles on a scrotumn.
After football practice Steve had sweat dripping from his grivens.

by handsome Kelley November 02, 2009
In Yiddish, fried chicken skin.
After sizzling the skin in a frying pan, the grease will come out and the skin will become delicious crispy, which is called griven.
by Chasid April 13, 2013
A stupid moron that thinks hes better than everyone else because his parents bought him ops on 2knet.
<Griven> GZ is a stupid moron that needs to be banned for life.
*Griven sets mode +m just because he can
by GoldZero January 25, 2004
One who uses power he got by kissing ass for attention.
Man, that guy's such a Griven.
by random person January 19, 2004
Scientifically known as the Canado Frenchtardius, the timid and mild-mannered Griven uses his keen sense of smell to root out only the most powerful of asses and kiss them.
Watch now as the Griven kisses ass.
by Leprechaun_Ninja January 20, 2004
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