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The best song ever. From the Opeth album "Still Life", released in 1999.
I was listening to Godhead's Lament the other day and I had an orgasm.
by GoldZero May 30, 2004
A channel for goofing off in when banned from a certain other channel.
Griven was being a smegface, so we went to #ravens_nest.
by GoldZero April 10, 2004
A stupid moron that thinks hes better than everyone else because his parents bought him ops on 2knet.
<Griven> GZ is a stupid moron that needs to be banned for life.
*Griven sets mode +m just because he can
by GoldZero January 25, 2004
A pretty kewl swede-o-fag. Enjoys Blind Guardian, so he's pretty cool in my book.
<Nux> Hello world.
<Adrian> Hello faggot
<Nux> Hello gaymobile!
by GoldZero January 04, 2005
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