1. a redneck
2. a filthy person
3. a cigarette
4. a grain often served in southern states as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
when grits want to express feelings, they often say 'hewwwwww!'
by ((make yourself!)) October 09, 2004
(noun) Derogitory term for the "white trash" underclass. The kind of folks that smoked in high school and took auto mechanics.

Derived from "The Grit Pit," the name for the designated smoking area at Westerville South High School. (A designated smoking area at a HIGH SCHOOL?! Ah, yes, those were the days.)
Don't cut behind the baseball dugouts--that's where the grits hang out.
by Pi3832 August 16, 2005
A member of the liberal party of Canada.
Grit crosses floor over same sex marriage.
by chris gerardi June 07, 2005

(see the album "organix" by the roots or the movie "annie".)
kiss my grits. HAVE SOME.
by dsmith September 21, 2004
grits are made by grinding corn - not hominy. hominy grits are producted by soaking the corn in lye, letting it dry, then grinding the corn. also, by grinding the whole kernel of corn (germ intact), the grits are more flavorful and nutritional. most instant grits are degerminated before they are ground, which leads to a bland flavor.
by htarpley September 29, 2003
grits: 1.) Girl Raised In The South
2.) A food made in the South (SWEEEET HOME ALABAMA !!) that yankees wouldnt understand :-) its a Southern thing.
Ooohh my mama's grits are tha beest.. No joke !!
by LilHotThang July 04, 2003
"Girls Raised In The South"

Popularized by Mike Jones.
Guy 1 : Damn look at the ghetto booty on her!
Guy 2 : Yeah She got cakes, cause she is a Grits
by kishamela October 07, 2008
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