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3 definitions by ne-ne

same thig as 'good' or 'straight' or 'tight'(at least thas what we say in fla)
instead of sayin its all good ya say its all grits ir instead of sayin im tight ya say im grits
by ne-ne July 12, 2003
technically means 'private' but down here in fal we say confidential as a person we talk to that dont nobody else know about
male:ay dawg imma call that confidential
female: gir i gotta go meet that confidential on the corner
by ne-ne July 12, 2003
A person that wears the same thing more than once a week. Or wears dirty clothes and busted shoes...a person that is very much capable of getting new shoes and clothes and taking showers but insits on looking like a homeless person...
Man, didn't Brandon wear that outfit yesterday?
Yea...look @ tha grass stains on his shirt!!!
Man dat nigga is a dirty butt!
by Ne-Ne October 02, 2005