A long period of time
Yo i havent seen that bitch in a grip
by david gentile April 23, 2007
control yourself quickly
get a grip or get yourself under control
by Donna January 28, 2005
an undefined unit of time, usually to express a long period as opposed to short period
what up man i haven't seen you for a grip
oh fuck..this is taking a grip!
see minute eg i haven't seen you in a minute
by Greg Van Arsdale May 03, 2004
synonyms: tight, awesome, hot
Steve: man I was watching a video for Bonnie Tyler's "Total eclipse of the Heart"
Joe: oh man I love that video, that shit is grip


"My girl gave me a BJ last night... shit was SO grip"
by Penisn0se April 19, 2008
A "grip" is exactly equal to 50 of (item). A grip of grips (50x50) is equal to 2500, etc.
There's a grip of homobilaterals at this party.
by Richard Stiffens January 06, 2008
a long time for something
"I haven't talked to him in a grip."
"I haven't seen her in a grip!"
by FITE 17 09 August 01, 2005
1- a large quantity, often referiing to time

2-a firearm
1-"I aint been to the studio ina grip"

2-"I had to toss my grip when the cops came"
by AriesBlack March 15, 2004

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