Ridiculously funny/awesome dude who also has rugged good looks.
Everyone wants to party with Grips
by Bob Goulet October 21, 2007
Bag-handlers for the ultra-rich.
Grips are always following the stars at the shopping mall to cater for their every beck and call!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
When getting high. Performing a body bake trip with a mind trip. This results in a ridiculous form of tripping known as gripping.
Steve: What's with coite man...he's acting all funny!
Bryce: Oh man, hes tripping so hard...he be gripping!
by Coitey March 23, 2009
A pair of specialized mechanical utilitues designed to pick up dog shit on the streets of new york. and in my bedroom.
This dog shit on my floor. grips.
by James F. Casey December 30, 2003
to take steal buck or jack
dat nigga grip that ipod.
by justinr305 December 07, 2007
adj. 'ger-rip' a quantity of measurement, usually in the amount of 6,7,8 upwards of 11 of a certain item.

Yo Joey, we rolled into Panini's with a grip of dudes, and were instantly swarmed by like 3 grips of girls and a dude with a really ugly vest.
by Hipe October 25, 2005
For the ladies with big hips.
Daaang look at that girl she ain't got hips she got grips
by shadowdragon3050 February 08, 2011

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