it means "long time"
It took a grip for you ta take a shower.
by Tenisha January 19, 2005
A noun which pertains to an elderly person, usually with gray hair, driving an automobile with knuckles clenched on the wheel and forhead aligned to the dashboard, and a craning neck to look over the wheel, all done while driving far below the speed limit.
That old Grip was going 35 on the freeway.
by Ali G October 28, 2003
to grab or to hold as well
hey yo dawg stop gipping my nuts
by carlos estrada August 09, 2005
an undetermined amount of anything, often associated with periods of time, but also describes amounts of mostly anything.
hey buddy! I haven't seen you in a grip!!
by dano whatever May 20, 2005

refering to an amount of time
OMG i havent seen you for a grip
by i want mr.sunshine January 29, 2005
to tense up, get nervous.
After the team fell behind by two touchdowns the fans began to grip.
by cardinal_fan October 13, 2004
1. To grasp something.
2. A Japanese band that sings an intro to Inuyasha.
1. All the other definitions for grip were written by total dumbasses as they seem to think it has two syllables. (Which it doesn't, durr.)
2. Grip's song, Every Little Thing, is fairly decent.
by Blizzleair September 21, 2003

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