to have a lot of
like he has a grip of money
by veronicque July 10, 2008
To grab, obtain, or have something of desired personal want.
" Yo Kev lemme grip that remote for a sec."

by DonKehote August 30, 2011
about a half gallon or 1.75 liters of alcohol. Containers with this amount of alcohol often has a "handle" for easy transport. However not all of these containers have handles per say, some have "grips" built right into the container, so shouldn't these be called grips vs. handles?! A grip is a "handle" that has a "grip" instead of a only makes sense.
Jimbo: Yo playa I'm tryna get crunk tonight u got that alch?!
Kenny: U kno i do man... i got a few grips of vodka in the trunk! We're def not gonna remember shit tomorrow.
Jimbo: iight den, i'm down to turn this into a shit show FAST.
Kenny: GET IT!!
by PresOfDaFriends March 03, 2011
mixing a 4 Loco malt beverage with Gin or other type of liquor.
Damn homie, I got twisted off that grip.
by kushX0j June 19, 2010
100 or more of something
there was a grip of ninjas after me.
by jackscrack June 09, 2010
Refers to pimples located on the upper chest specifically on a female. "zits on the tits."
Yeah, Chelsey is hot and everything but she has a bad case of grip
by CYN3RGY June 03, 2010
the act of calling on ones stupidity and punishing them with a fierce grabbing motion to the back of the head...and if its stupid enough then it may be followed by a smack to the back of the head.
"hey were leaving for the store at two thirty"(broad daylight)

two thirty in the morning?!?!

Damn bro thats a grip.
by bolt speedmen April 20, 2010

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