In the U.S. and Canada, grips are lighting and rigging technicians in the film and video industries.
The grip hung the lights.
by XQ!9 July 11, 2008
Money or tickets; see also duckets.

The word comes from the paper wrappers money bills are secured with when received from the bank.
"I'd like to get down to da club, but i ain't got no grips, you nowhumsayin, OG?"
by t-rock-1 November 29, 2007
To grab or obtain something. Often in reference to drugs but not explicitly.
Yo, grips me some jib if he rolls by.
by Parkson Wrecks March 25, 2006
Grips: to grab someone while in a fight
he had to grips then he boxed him in his face piece
by Mickey Kay January 11, 2005
A person who has lots of cash or just has it all, he might flaunt it. Deion Sanders could be referred to as a Big Grip, a Pimp without the hookers.
Once labeled as a Grip your friends may greet you as a Grip. Yo Big Grip! What's up.
by Audi$4me June 05, 2011
A long period of time, roughly equivalent to the length time it takes a slave boat to travel from "The Homeland" to "The Land of the Free"
Slave 1: "Man I haven't seen a bitch in a grip."
Slave 2: "Shit I haven't had a day off in a grip!"
by bcot94 March 02, 2011
Generally referring to a large sum of money.

1. It may be used to reflect post purchase concern and/or apprehension over buying an item in which the buyer exceeded his/her budget budget.

2. It may be used to materialistically inflate the ego of an associate who just purchased a socially desired item.
"Yo man, dey hook you up on that flatscreen? Naw man, they got me for a grip."

"Yo man, dat Windstar you rollin in is lookin tight, yo that shit looks like it costed a grip!"
by DA KEY January 07, 2009

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