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A zit between dick/sack and ass hole. Usualy a white head. Broken down- pimple on grundle
Josh- "Ray i just whiped and it hurt so bacd"

Ray- "let me check it out"

Josh- (performs spread eagle)

Ray- "Dude you have a massive grimple"

Josh- "Pop that shit for me"

Ray- "No way theres a dingle berry on it"
by Toad December 12, 2004
20 29
One of the most hardcore punk rock bands ever fucking spawned
Grimple up your... ASS!!
by Mark Scumfuc December 05, 2006
30 8
A pimple on ones grundle, which can be quite painful.
Bob: Gordo why are you limping?
Gordo: I have this annoying pimple between my balls and my ass.
Bob: on your grundle you mean?
Gordo: yeah man
Bob: THAT my friend is what they call a grimple
by Mr grimps May 29, 2013
0 0
Is the skin around the shaft of the penis, located between the foreskin and base.
Michael: "I don't know if I can Mark!"

Mark: "Just do it Michael, touch the Grimple!"

Michael: "But your all foreskin!"

Mark: "Thats not a foreskin that's my Grimple!"
by Rumple-foreskin December 12, 2010
1 2