A zit between dick/sack and ass hole. Usualy a white head. Broken down- pimple on grundle
Josh- "Ray i just whiped and it hurt so bacd"

Ray- "let me check it out"

Josh- (performs spread eagle)

Ray- "Dude you have a massive grimple"

Josh- "Pop that shit for me"

Ray- "No way theres a dingle berry on it"
by Toad December 12, 2004
Top Definition
One of the most hardcore punk rock bands ever fucking spawned
Grimple up your... ASS!!
#grimple #punk #punk rock #hardcore #watch them die
by Mark Scumfuc December 05, 2006
A pimple on ones grundle, which can be quite painful.
Bob: Gordo why are you limping?
Gordo: I have this annoying pimple between my balls and my ass.
Bob: on your grundle you mean?
Gordo: yeah man
Bob: THAT my friend is what they call a grimple
#grundle #pimple #grimps #abc #grundel
by Mr grimps May 29, 2013
Is the skin around the shaft of the penis, located between the foreskin and base.
Michael: "I don't know if I can Mark!"

Mark: "Just do it Michael, touch the Grimple!"

Michael: "But your all foreskin!"

Mark: "Thats not a foreskin that's my Grimple!"
#grimple #foreskin #shaft #penis #blackburn #rumple foreskin #rumpleforeskin
by Rumple-foreskin December 12, 2010
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