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17 definitions by Toad

When her pants are so tight you can read her lips!
The camel toe on her bikini bottom says, "Fuck me NOW!"
by Toad April 06, 2003
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The Japanese artists who draw anime females seem to have a serious cat fetish. Seriously, just look at the female faces. Don't they look catlike? With the small noses, huge mouths, and big watery, cute, hypnotic eyes. Not that it matters though, since the babes have big, bouncing, perfect tits and sexy, curvacious asses to go with the faces, and cats are cool. God I wanna get me one of those girls to make my dick very happy :^))
Anime babes are fuckably HOT, too bad the male characters just don't know what they're missing by NOT fucking them already.
by Toad March 31, 2003
246 194
She was last seen cheating on Mario with Bowser.
I'm still pissed off that Princess Peach used me as a punching bag in both Smash Brothers games.
by Toad October 27, 2003
71 51
Someone with no micro and lacks blue shells.
Matt is a uber n00b especially when playing Mario Kart DD.
by Toad March 20, 2005
53 45
$30 says that this guy can run faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.
Aribaa! Aribaa! Handere!
by Toad July 29, 2003
30 22
Taking your own feces and inserting it into a womans twat or any available orifice.
anyone up for some scat insertions?
by ToAd February 25, 2004
21 19
the stuff underneath ur fingernails after u scrath ur ass; also used as a term like butthead, an insult much as nubcake
Ace, you are a buttflake.
by Toad October 25, 2004
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