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comin from the east side kno t.n. means to be bumpin like system is really loud and u lettin ya self be known
mike came through the hood wangin yesterday witth 4 12s
comin from eastside knox. replaceable ice out or gold teeth.take out for cleaning or while sleeping
lil dubs snatch outs is hard
the real and fuck whoeva sya the south aint poppin
t.n gone stay strong from memphis to k-town
# 1 projects in eastside knox t.n.
ak~lil g bout got caught in a drive by over in walter p.
ons~ oh word? so did my brother. i dont never roll thru ther at night
in knox it means you date that person thats your baby girl or boi. usually the basis of most gossip.
girl did u hear dyme G GO WITH that girl that look like a roach?
what? we gatta call that nigga and make sure thats the girl hes talkin bout.
my word. used 4 dissin and dissmissin discussin or hushin. said loud and spainish type .i say it when my girls need it said. they say now i do my thing. stop hatin k-town stay down. t.n pimpin
c~girl lil walt tryna hit again,now
uh oh ~nnee wwaayyzz
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