one of the most feared outlawed gangs in kenya
that mans son was killed by the grims
by kilonzo March 25, 2010
(pronounced as: Grr and Rim put together) It means ugly or an ugly person. It can be used as a Noun or Adjective.
Mom these clothes are grim.

OMG look at that grim!
by Kendal58 November 01, 2010
to look at someone with a dirty look; common term in 1990s Detroit, Michigan.
"I was walking down the street, and some girl was grimming me like she had some kind of attitude or something."
by J. Johnson February 27, 2004
To get smart with or show attitude
"Nigga where the money" "who you getting grim with"
by Mr.Detroit March 04, 2010
100% tea towel

this expression is used to show somones deap stupidity and love for chickens
'your such a grims'
'Hey chicken want to go for a grims'
by mystic midget June 25, 2008
Word with a few meanings...

1. Something nasty, or unpleasant
2. Dark, shady, or colour drained
3. New method of saying something is cool similar to the usage of sick
1. "Dude that food tastes grim"
2. "The weather's looking pretty grim today"
3. "You're so grim!"
by dark-darkling05 October 15, 2005
Verb - describing the action of soiling one's pants.
Named after the purple blob Maccas character who does not resemble anything in real life but seems to have an affinity for milkshakes.
1 - "OMG how did Chucho win that header against Vermaelan? I think I'm going to grim my pants"
"Too late, I already grimmed mine"

2 - "Where's the toilet otherwise I'm going to grim my pants"
by j-dwg October 12, 2009

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